Our Stories

The following experiences are just a small collection of the preciousness we, as humans, carry in our hearts. The occasion was the MSSP General Chapter, that lasted a whole month in June 2018. Beneath the formalities and structures that we human beings create to bring some order, exists a spirit which is beautiful because it reflects the Creator. We just wanted to share these rays of light with anyone who crosses paths with us at the MSSP and who dares to look for goodness in humanity.

Ivano Burdian

I have been reflecting on how, through people we least expect, our Father reaches out to us.

Bernard Falzon

Life comes through when I stay in tension.  That is from where good music wells forth.

Tony Sciberras

I remember, I was amazed how many opportunities there are in our simple, ordinary days, where we can live justice.

Giovann Cefai

Looking back, I have learnt from these people, to become gentler, kinder, and hopefully more compassionate.

Gerard Bonello

You must always begin your work from the given situation as is, and not from your pre-conceived ideas.

Edwin Aguis

All we could say was “this is a miracle”, especially given that the doctor was not an adherent believer.

Hector Attard

I was soon reminded that mercy and forgiveness can go a longer way than justice and punishment.  This is how God deals with us and we are very fortunate for that.

Martin Galea

May you be blessed in your stuttering!

Mark Grima

It is not what you do, but how you do it!

John Taliana

God truly has His own ways of sending angels in our lives.

James Bonello

However, the next morning we learned that this prisoner had escaped! Was this special Mass he asked for a simple ploy to help him escape?  I do not know, but certainly, the ways of the Lord are infinite!

Mario Micallef

Such smiles. Nothing beats them. They’re priceless!

Geralyn Mc Carthy

At the heart of the communion, what we share with each other is a deep sense and a growing realisation of God in our soul’s centre.

Frankie Cini

We fly high at times, and our spirits soar. Yet always, always, we have to stay alert to what’s on the ground!

Carmen Sanchez

One day someone told me: “Give to others the wonders God did in your life, then, seeing you, they would see the wonders of God, and not you.”

Martin Cilia

I was deeply surprised by joy.  God, in a split second, looked at me and smiled.  That sweetness, that experience, touched my soul.  

Solomon Cruzado

For me, it was one of a strong experience that consolidated my missionary vocation.

Alex Busutill

Evangelization does not necessarily entail beautiful sermons. A good deed can, by far, achieve more.

Lorraine Tabone

I thought to myself, ‘Why wait to go to Heaven to dance with God? He’s inviting us all to dance with Him, who is forever beyond, beside and within, from now!’

Bernard Mangion

They taught me that true happiness does not come from the things we have, but rather from the healthy relationships we have with God and with our fellow humans.

Louis Mallia

Life is a gift, let it be a joyful journey, no matter what!

Karm Debattista

It’s amazing to find someone on the other side of the planet who looks like me, but why am I making such a fuss? Even God looks like me!