Est. 2017

The mission of Cuba is an offshoot of the mission of Peru and is administered by that mission. In 2017, two Peruvian MSSP Missionaries arrived in Manicaragua, in the diocese of Sta Clara, in central Cuba and started this mission.   In spite of relative restrictions on worship and public tolerance of religion, the MSSP has taken root in this land and slowly a Christian community which persevered in the faith in the times of the communist revolution is now starting to blossom again.

The missionaries work in this country is to nurture these communities and address the void for God in a largely atheistic culture and society. With the reality of international sanctions and the embargo, this mission lacks a lot in terms of material needs, yet it is still a place where faith is taking root and becoming a light for those who see the missionaries truly giving their lives for others day by day.

Fr Nilton one of our residing missionaries in Cuba together with some parishioners.