Est. 1998

Founded in Malta, it was only natural that the general governance of the — Missionary Society of St Paul was carried out from Malta for a long number of years. The congregational leader of the MSSP is the Superior General who, “as the successor of the Founder’, as our Constitutions tell us, is expected to “serve the Society entrusted to him to the best of his ability”. The Superior General is chosen once every six years during a meeting of MSSP representatives from all our regions, which is called a General Chapter. There the members also choose a small team — the General Council — to help the Superior in carrying out this ministry.

As time went by, it was being felt that it would be better to move the offices of the Superior and his Council from Malta to Rome. The fact that most Religious Congregations have their headquarters in Rome, as well as its proximity to the Vatican offices would make it much easier to keep contacts and attend meetings at various levels. Also, such a move would help the Superior focus more on Congregational issues rather than local ones.

The General Council with some of our regional superiors.

The move to Rome happened in 1998. when Fr Joe Cremona was Superior General of the MSSP. The Society bought a small house in a place called Vitinia, right in the middle between the centre of Rome and Rome’s main airport. Here the Superior and his Councillors live a life of community sharing life, prayer and work. Naturally, the main work carried out from this house is the governance of the entire Society and the coordination of all the work that is being carried out in our missions

In Generalate house the main activity involves office-work, but they also make time to do some pastoral ministry. They help regularly in neighbouring parishes who ask their assistance. They also offer their services to members of other religious communities. In particular, religious who share in the same missionary charism that we live.