Kadayung: Issue 2 (December 2022)

On the occasion of the 112th foundation anniversary of the MSSP Community, the Paulist Missionary Philippine region is releasing Kadayung, its first-ever newsletter. The name of the newsletter is based on dayung, a word in the Visayan dialect. Dayung is defined as “for two or more people to accomplish something together, most commonly carrying something,” and “a sharing of one’s joys and sorrows.” Kadayung is “a person with whom one carries something or shares an experience.” The term Kadayung is even more expressive than the corresponding Tagalog word kasama, or the word kauban in the Cebuano dialect, both of which can be translated as “a companion, friend or comrade.”


In this edition;

  • A note of welcome by Fr Hector Attard mssp
  • Feature article by Bro Rush
  • Another article on the MSSP Weekly youth formation in Bataan
  • And other news items.