By choosing a way of life for the members of his infant Society which centred around the communal living of religious life, Joseph De Piro shaped the Society he founded on the pillar of communion.

The interchange of members between one region and another, and the onset of the internet and easier means of connecting through the medium have brought people and resources to a place which is more accessible for all those involved in the formation of MSSP members and laity alike.

No mission can happen unless it comes from within. The members of the Missionary Society of St. Paul embrace a lifestyle which is one of self-giving, born of a deep and personal spiritual relationship with God.

Discover the Missionary vocation

Following God’s call to be an MSSP missionary is a beautiful adventure. It will open for you the possibility to minister to all kinds of people, from different cultures and backgrounds. It will give you the privilege to journey with them in the ups and downs of life. Most importantly, it will open for you the gift of a meaningful life, in which, by proclaiming God’s Word to all peoples, you allow the Lord, through you, to build a better world.