‘Oħloq Tbissima marathon’ raises €629,079 for the MSSP missions

The Oħloq Tbissima Marathon came to an end last Sunday and was a great success with € 629,079 being raised by midnight. 

The Missionary Society of Saint Paul would like to thank the Maltese and Gozitans for being so generous in helping these people in need. 

On television one could see Maltese missionaries working in Peru, Pakistan and the Philippines sharing their experiences about the dire situation they are living in today, the uncertainty of not knowing when life will return to normal, and maybe when the poor they are working amongst will be able to return to work etc. Were it not for the missionaries who are giving them food there would have been more deaths from malnutrition than with Covid 19.

We also thank all those who offered their help the volunteers, the singers, dancers and Presenters, the television stations Fliving, Net, One and TVM 2.

We also remind you that telephone and SMS lines will remain open. Anyone wishing to continue to help may make a donation as follows:

By calling:

51002031 – € 20

51902080 – € 50


By sending an SMS:

50619285 – € 11.65


Donations, even from abroad, will be possible through the site www.ohloqtbissima.com.

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