Maratona Ohloq Tbissima 2023

“Give Love” is this year’s theme for the 21st edition of the Marathon of Broadcasting Ohloq Tbissima. We are encouraging the people of Malta and Gozo to participate in this kind of initiative, aimed at providing love and support to the homeless and those lacking basic necessities such as food, medicine, education, and more, in Peru, Pakistan, and the Philippines.

Each year, we appeal to individuals to assist the Maltese MSSP priests in their ongoing efforts to help underprivileged families residing in missionary areas. These dedicated priests have been tirelessly providing assistance to the impoverished, addressing their various needs with boundless love. Therefore, we urge you to give love, as your contribution will enable you to extend care and aid to unknown individuals, offering a fresh start to those who lack the fundamental essentials for a dignified life.

For instance, we aspire to construct homes for families in the Philippines who have been compelled to vacate their residences due to financial constraints, eviction by landlords, or other similar circumstances. Additionally, in Peru, there is a compassionate project focused on assisting the extremely impoverished individuals who require financial aid to cover rent, improve their living conditions, afford medical operations, or support their children’s education. Furthermore, there is an ongoing need to provide 4,000 daily meals to numerous impoverished families.

In Pakistan, the Maltese missionaries desire to secure more funds to provide assistance and educational opportunities to Catholic children attending the MSSP’s prominent school in Lahore. This support will empower them to contribute to their families’ well-being, as Catholics in these regions face discrimination. Scholarships for Catholic youth to pursue higher education will also be granted, enabling them to support their families once they enter the workforce. Additionally, due to the rejection faced by Catholic individuals from other religious denominations, they often lack access to medical care or the means to afford necessary surgeries. This year, we aim to raise funds specifically for this vital social project, ensuring that the Maltese fathers from MSSP can continue their significant aid to numerous impoverished individuals.

To achieve all of this, we urge viewers watching TV from July 14th to July 16th to make donations using the telephone numbers displayed on TVM, One, Net, and f living. Alternatively, donations can be made in person at St Joseph’s Home in Santa Venera. For those seeking to turn this visit into a family outing, a large screen will be set up, allowing everyone to enjoy the event while indulging in refreshments outdoors.

Furthermore, individuals can also send a cheque to Ohloq Tbissima, St Joseph Home, St Joseph High Road, Santa Venera. As in previous years, the event will feature various singers performing popular songs, along with live interviews with missionaries and presenters who will enthusiastically animate the marathon.

I would like to seize this opportunity to express gratitude to all the sponsors who generously support this noble cause every year, aiding those in need.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who will contribute, enabling us to bring smiles and spread love to countless underprivileged families in Peru, Pakistan, and the Philippines for another year.

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