After many preparations, the 20th edition of the TV Marathon, OĦLOQ TBISSIMA, has now come to an end. Everyone worked as hard as they could to put on high quality event so that viewers may appreciate the hard work being done by Maltese missionaries who are trying to cope with the many challenges they have to assist the poor in Peru, Pakistan and the Philippines.

This year, to celebrate the 20 years of the event, we have also collected funds for an interesting new project in Dar San Ġużepp, namely Ċentru Tbissima. This center will welcome not only children from Dar San Ġużepp but also children from other similar Children’s Homes and even children who live with their families, but who happen to be going through some form of suffering or other challenges in life. This center will, through music, art, sports, drama and other activities, be able to get the children out of the suffering they are going through.

One dreams a lot, and it is certain that from the money that was collected until midnight, the beautiful sum of €687,606, a lot of people will benefit through the different projects that the different MSSP Brothers will be carrying out around the world.

I take this opportunity to thank the singers, presenters, volunteers who answered the telephones, and other volunteers, who helped in different ways and selflessly gave their time to ensure this marathon’s success.

I don’t want to forget the technical crew who worked hard to give us a professional and clear picture and who was responsible for all the broadcasting of this marathon. I would like to also thank the MSSP brothers who visited the marathon and Fr Alex, Mons Giovanni and Fr Martin Cilia, who through Fr Giovann Tabone’s filming, we joined us virtually from Peru.

I also thank Franco Cefai who made the arrangement of the song OĦLOQ TBISSIMA 2022, the children and young people who sang and the musicians who were also an essential part in the final project of this song. Obviously, with these, I also thank Fr Karm Debattista.

I thank sponsors such as Border Ltd, AF Sign Studios, Logografix Signs and Street Media who made us the banners and billboards. As well as other sponsors without whose help it would not have been possible to send all the money collected to those who really need it.

Finally, I thank all the Maltese and Gozitans who made their contributions, and who, like other years, understood the importance of the work being done. THANK YOU

Thanks also go to God who, for another year, gave us the energy we needed to help Poor and Poor.

Thank you.

Fr Louis Mallia is our provincial for the MSSP community in Malta and is responsible for CAM/CPi where the Maratona Ohloq Tbissima takes place yearly. 

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