Sunday Reflection: 6th Sunday of Easter (Year A)


Our faith in the resurrection is firmly based in hope. Hope that is not simply a wish that something good may come our way, but a sure hope that in Christ’s death and resurrection, God has already saved us and invited us to share in his life.

In today’s second reading Peter invites us to keep our head high and to have a clear response ready when we are challenged about this sure hope that we carry. This sure hope needs to shine through our life, actions and ministries.

The Servant of God Joseph De Piro lived this hope in his ministry among those who were financially disadvantaged and in spreading the good news. His sure hope shone through his life and has been spoken about by people who knew him and who gave witness to his actions. This can be seen looking at the analytical index of these witnesses and at the various articles in the constitutions.

Further Readings.

An excerpt from the Analytical Index of the 1987 and 1988-1992 Testimonies.

  • HOPE;
  • HOPE, and courage in building the motherhouse;
  • HOPE, and MSSP formation;
  • HOPE, benefactors representing God’s providence when facing difficulties;
  • HOPE, caring for children’s orphanages;
  • HOPE, continuous;
  • HOPE, difficulties;
  • HOPE, extraordinary;
  • HOPE, heroic: abandoning family riches in favour of MSSP poverty;
  • HOPE, in eternal life;
  • HOPE, in eternal reward after earthly efforts;
  • HOPE, in God’s providence;
  • HOPE, trusting in God;
  • HOPE, trusting in providence;
  • HOPE, no imperfections;
  • HOPE, peacemaker: between Maltese Church and state, in Qrendi and Gudia parishes;
  • HOPE, prayer;
  • HOPE, progress in the MSSP.

These entries indicate how De Piro’s contemporaries experienced his hope.

In the constitutions of his missionary society there are also some references to the founder and his hope:

  • HOPE, Faith and Charity, acts, will, God, union, sufferings, Jesus Christ, sick, not depressed, useless, community, apostolate.
  • HOPE, formation, perseverance, assurance, requirements, entry, society;
  • HOPE, God;

Here again the entries indicate aspects of De Piro’s hope and how he wanted the members to live this hope.

“For in this hope we were saved” (Rom 8:24).