Malta Regional Chapter 2019

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The 10th MSSP Regional Chapter got started at St. Agatha’s Motherhouse on the 22nd May.   This year’s chapter is being divided into two parts: the first, over two days, will concentrate on the consultation among MSSP members as to the next Provincial Superior for the next three years.  This means that the members vote in secret in a non-binding consultation which is sent to the Superior General for his consideration.   That vote takes place Thursday.   Today the day consisted of a retreat for all members led by Fr. Kevin Schembri, who helped us meditate on the priorities of a religious missionary congregation in Malta, and the attitudes of the Religious Superior, borrowing from the Ignatian rule, San Gorg Preca, and the teachings of Pope Francis.

Following lunch the Chapter convened in the Main Refectory of the Motherhouse: Fr. Frankie, the current provincial superior gave an overview of his report spanning the last three years, and then the community had a frank and open discussion about the region in General.

In the evening, a meeting for lay associates was held at St. Joseph’s Home, Sta Venera.   For this meeting, a number of lay representatives, chosen by the leaders of our main ministries, we called in to help us reflect again on the priorities for the Society as they experience them as our close collaborators.

The MSSP religious members in one of the meetings leading to the election of the new Regional Superior in Malta.

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