Counsellor of the Superior General, serving in Formation in the Philippines

Let me give you a glimpse of my inner world.  I am in a flight, and the cabin crew is coming around serving drinks.  I would prefer orange juice but I sense that I would stutter. Maybe saying ‘coke’ is easier.  What shall I do?  Shall I risk it or not?

I have been living with stuttering ever since I can remember.  I hoped that one day it would fade away but it didn’t.  I have been trying to accept it as part of me, but many times I find myself hating this part of myself.  To me, it is very much like the thorn in the flesh of St. Paul.

May you be blessed in your stuttering!

Spirituality helps find some perspective on it.  I can see that, through it, God is teaching me faith.  Faith for me is complete trust in God whereas I am a person who likes to be in control.

Stuttering in my life is like standing on shifting ground.  How will I celebrate this Mass?  How will I handle this talk?  How will I manage this phone call?  Each time I am called to make a jump in the dark, trusting God that, whatever the outcome, God can bring out something good.

Sharing my struggles with one of my companions he answers “Kulħadd izappap minn x’imkien” (everybody limps in some area of his life).  And it is very true.  I share this with you so that you may also be strong in your stuttering.

May you be blessed in your stuttering!