A formation program for the year 2022, as we celebrate the Centrary of the Diocesan Approval of the MSSP

Dear MSSP Sister and Brother,

The peace of the good Lord be with you.

You may already know that we, Frs Mario Zammit and Tony Sciberras, have been asked to give our share in the Process of the Cause of Beatification of our Founder, Joseph De Piro and the writing of our History as MSSPs. Last November 14th we celebrated the Centenary of the Diocesan Approval of our Society. Therefore, we thought it appropriate to take this opportunity and continue celebrating this event by offering a series of six online sessions dealing with religious life, with a special focus on our Paulist Missionary Charism handed down to us by (1) the Servant of God Joseph De Piro, (2) the first members of our Society, (3) the (M)SSPs through the years and (4) as it is being lived by us, consecrated Paulist Missionaries and Paulist Lay sisters and brothers, today.

The material shared in the sessions is being offered both to the consecrated religious members of the MSSP and to the Lay Paulists.

Each region, house and entity are encouraged to organize a time to be able to:

  • listen to these sessions,
  • discuss the material presented,
  • take minutes of the discussions and make practical suggestions,
  • send the minutes and suggestions to us, Tony and Mario, and
  • pray together using this material,
  • (each region, house and entity is encouraged to call together both the Lay Paulist Missionaries and the religious MSSP to discuss these sessions together as one group.)


The sessions are being professionally recorded and will be released on YouTube on the 2nd of every month starting from the month of February.

Each speaker will also prepare a paper on his subject as supporting and reference material.

We wish that the material you will get during these months will help you be more formed in the MSSP Charism


Fr Mario Zammit mssp

Fr Tony Sciberras mssp