Good Friday

REcollect - Holy Week Virtual Celebrations

Objective: Today the Church commemorates Christ’s ultimate sacrifice on the Cross. For the Christian is the most sorrowful day, yet also the most hopeful. Someone dared to show his love to the ultimate point of giving his life for you and me on a cross. Wait… why the cross? And why he had to die?


I invite you to watch this short documentary, it helps in explaining this… through it there are various slots where you can pause the video, and if watching this video together you can discuss it, or else reflect on the questions by yourself.


Reflect: Normally we associate prayer with large gatherings or going to a physical Church. In the current circumstance, we have a blessed opportunity to improvise. I would like to ask you to gather together as a family or household and pray together. You can click here for guidance.


  • Pray for those who are passing from very challenging situations – be specific.
  • Call someone, perhaps an elder who is alone.
  • Think of a specific sacrifice you can do and offer it for that person/s.